Lodge Primary School Curriculum Statement 

At Lodge, we encourage our pupils to share and value others because of their uniqueness, whilst celebrating and appreciating difference in our school community. Our children are encouraged to be active, responsible thinkers who care about each other and all members of our society. Through our curriculum, they are encouraged to take ownership of their learning and be active, fully engaged children with a lifelong love of learning.

Our curriculum has been designed to address all of the key components that underpin an understanding of British Values.

The PSHE coverage includes an understanding of the law, individual liberty and related responsibilities, acceptance and tolerance resulting in mutual respect and a deeper understanding of diversity and how this impacts society for the greater good. We teach and foster a culture of tolerance and acceptance in all aspects of school life but specifically through RE and collective worship.

We examine democracy and encourage the pupils to articulate their views and beliefs through debate and discussion using our school council model as a vehicle.   We promote a programme of self-awareness and responsibility. We expose pupils to a wide range of social and cultural events that are celebrated by our diverse communities in Sandwell. Lodge is a positive learning environment where all members of our community are valued.


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