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PFEG - Centre of Excellence Vision

We have been recognised as a Centre of Excellence for implementing the PFEG (Personal Finance Education Group) curriculum. This provides our children with a broad and real experience of personal finance through a range of enterprising projects. 

At Lodge we believe it is vital that our children develop a good understanding of finance in order to help them plan and manage a range of financial circumstances as they grow older. We have tailored our curriculum so that we educate children about finance so that they develop knowledge, skills and attitudes in relation to money in order to equip them for life.


Our vision is that pupils possess the knowledge, skills and confidence in personal finance that enable them:

- to be resilient when faced with financial issues

- to show respect for other peoples personal financial situations

- to display responsibility when handling money and making important financial decisions.


As well as providing children with access to the PFEG curriculum, we enhance this through activities which include:

- completing the fiver challenge which includes designing, making, advertising and selling high-quality products. Hopefully making a profit!

- running a school bank, linked with Six Town credit union. This will allow all children to learn the importance of ‘saving’ from an early age.

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