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What is the SEND Information Report?

Lodge Primary School’s SEN Information Report is a statement of the aims, principles and strategies to ensure the effective and efficient provision for all children at Lodge Primary School including those with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) as outlined in the revised Special Educational Needs and Disability Code of Practice, September 2014. This report is Lodge Primary School’s contribution to the Local Offer and should be read in conjunction with Sandwell local authority’s Local Offer.

Lodge Primary School works closely with children and their parents/carers to ensure a fully inclusive access to our education.


Who are the best people to talk at Lodge Primary School if I am concerned about my child’s progress?




If you or your child has any concerns we encourage you to make come into school at the end of the school day initially speak to your child’s class teacher however; it is important that you are given time to explain and discuss your concerns fully or make an appointment, as we feel that a partnership between school and home is essential in supporting you and your child. In the first instance, you can contact your child’s class teacher.

If you are still concerned that your child is still not making progress and you wish to discuss the provision for your child you should speak to our SENCO, Mrs Beverley Munn. Mrs Munn is available at the beginning and end of most days.

Mrs Munn can be contacted by telephone on: 0121 553 2389

Or by email:

Mrs Munn under the direction of the Head Teacher is responsible for daily implementation of our SEN Information Report. Advising and training staff on SEND issues. Updating the SEND register on a regular basis. Putting in place with the Head Teacher and Leadership team provisions to meet all pupil needs that is monitored and evaluated. Liaising and supporting parents, external agencies. Ordering, deploying and updating resources. Leading and managing other staff in school. Considering with parents holding a Community Assessment meeting with external agencies to decide if a request to the LA for an EHC Plan is appropriate. Organising Annual Reviews for those children on an EHC Plan.

If the issues are serious or urgent please contact school immediately and speak to our Head teacher Mrs Lisa Gillam.

Lodge Primary School’s SEND Governor is Dr. Marjorie Jeavons. She meets with the SENCO and attends termly Curriculum and Standards Committees to discuss provision, standards, progress and any issues that need to be addressed. She can be contacted about any issues regarding the school.


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