Lodge Primary School



Being in school is important to your child’s achievement, wellbeing, and wider development. Our research found that pupils who performed better both at the end of primary and secondary school missed fewer days than those who didn’t perform as well.  (DfE)


At Lodge we celebrate attendance. Every week we award a class that has the highest attendance for the week. They get a trophy to display in their classroom. That class are then put on a reward board and the class with the most trophies on the board get a special prize at the end of the academic year. Children who get 100% attendance for the week are put into a prize draw. The winner then has an enjoyable lunchtime on the Nintendo Switch playing some fun and exciting games with a friend. 

Encouraging your child to attend school

  • Take interest in your child's day at school. Ask them questions of what they have learned that day.
  • Be organised in the morning to encourage good routines. 
  • Don't keep your child off for unnecessary reasons. 
  • Keep good communication with your child's class teacher.

If you have any concerns regarding your child's attendance please speak to Mrs Akram (attendance manager) who is located on the playground when the gates open in the mornings. 



If your child is unable to come to school because of illness please telephone the school to explain why. We will request a doctor’s note for all medical absences where a child’s attendance falls below 90%. Without a doctor’s note we will not authorise the absence. School will reimburse parents if any costs are accrued for medical evidence.


Pupil absence is monitored by the school and the Local Authority's Attendance and Prosecution Service. Only in cases where a child is really ill should they be kept away from school. In these instances, parents should phone school and explain the reasons for their child’s absence. If your child is displaying any of the symptoms of Covid 19, you must please keep them at home until they are better.

Please click here for the NHS guidance on 'Is my child too ill for school'. 


Holidays During Term Time

The school follows the guidance from the DFE and therefore holidays during term time will not be authorised. Please speak to Mrs Akram if you are taking holidays during term time. Our attendance policy is available on request from the school office or via our school web site. 

You are at risk of a penalty notice if you take leave during term time and the absence is not authorised.



Please ensure that your child attends school on time so that they are not missing valuable learning. The gates open from 8:45am to 8:55am. Punctuality is monitored and the school will be in contact if your child is late more than three times in a week.